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Math Has a Fatal Flaw

Math Has a Fatal Flaw


  • Bhavesh Rawat
    Bhavesh Rawat23 orë më parë

    Do you feel weightless? A person who is high AF: damn!

  • JDarkAngeI
    JDarkAngeI23 orë më parë

    14:18 Dont mind me. Just timestap for future me coming back to this vid to remind myself how to age slower.

  • Ian Moriarty
    Ian MoriartyDitë më parë

    Aaaaah, why must you leave the flying sounds in, it itches my brain!

  • Mmiikkii
    MmiikkiiDitë më parë

    9:40 Math is indeed the language of nature and universe

  • R G
    R GDitë më parë

    These kinds of videos make me believe more in a creator than anything else. We didn't create math, we discovered it.

  • Saket Arora
    Saket AroraDitë më parë

    Dark music starts playing!

  • niet alexander
    niet alexanderDitë më parë

    Infinite buffet So infinite chocolade 🤩

  • ARYAN 4841
    ARYAN 4841Ditë më parë

    This was so nice!!! 😀

  • Mmiikkii
    MmiikkiiDitë më parë

    I mean. 4 is the triple of 1, + 1. And 2, is half of 4. While 1 keeps being half... Of 2. We are in the original 1. That 1, that tripled +1 keeps back to 4... And so on

  • Nick Jones
    Nick JonesDitë më parë

    Here in 2021...Why the cookie/biscuit thing?

  • Ron Conte
    Ron ConteDitë më parë

    The teardrop shape at the center of the blades accelerates the wind. This faster wind hits the widest part of the blade and travels along the rest of the blade, turning it despite the vehicle traveling faster than the non-accelerated wind away from the teardrop. If the vehicle is traveling faster than the wind, there is no push of the wind relative to the vehicle. The issue is that the wind speed varies as it travels around the teardrop. You don't have telltales there. A large set of telltales or some smoke will show the real path of the air around the teardrop and blades. Another issue is that when the vehicle is faster than ambient wind, the spinning prop affects the air around the teardrop, likely funneling wind from the rear of the vehicle into the teardrop, also accelerating the wind at that location.

  • Zdena Balazsova
    Zdena BalazsovaDitë më parë

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  • tubeyou89119
    tubeyou89119Ditë më parë

    That's why IT companies will always have bugs in their softwares, so you need them forever to patch or fix this and that bugs.... it's not a conspiracy, it's a necessity for job security, therefore society stability.

  • Wildfire Angrydragon
    Wildfire AngrydragonDitë më parë


  • Undercoft
    UndercoftDitë më parë

    Imagine going to the nurse like "my arm broke" and when they roll up your sleeve...

  • GetMoGaming
    GetMoGamingDitë më parë

    So is he saying you have to be moving with the electrons in order for a positive electron to be repelled? That doesn't fit with observation... does it? No, because he shows a magnet being repelled by a straight stationary wire. I'm confused.

  • EnsignGeneric
    EnsignGenericDitë më parë

    Now I'm wondering if you could create a plasma jet engine by replacing the gas turbine with a long tube of hydrogel beads and a microwave source.

  • Richard Heights
    Richard HeightsDitë më parë


  • RC WB
    RC WBDitë më parë

    Though everybody else could only get to the island on a personal invitation, Bill Gates happened to wander onto the Lolita Express and found himself at Epstein's island by pure surprise, more than once. Astronomical odds.

  • Harith Keshav
    Harith KeshavDitë më parë

    how much can i buy that for

  • Evo Garcia Gaming
    Evo Garcia GamingDitë më parë

    And that's why left ideas are based on solidarity

  • Shubham Maurya
    Shubham MauryaDitë më parë

    This title is too clickbaity, This doesnt reveal any information about what is inside video, and when you click video only to find out how cosmic rays change micro-electronics of modern computer. Although I agree with your last video about clickbait but this is too much...

  • Mary Czech
    Mary CzechDitë më parë

    Because everything it's repeating it self changing just very little by little. Like considering everything everything like a number, that changes always and always and is never the same. And then all the variables of all the small changes together. If you look at the story that is repeating itself but in different a new ways

  • KecksbeLit
    KecksbeLitDitë më parë

    the geometry dash music

  • Mark Slater
    Mark SlaterDitë më parë

    This is often a feature of conspiracy theories: there is no way of disproving them, they are unfalsifiable.

  • Sunil Kumar Pandey
    Sunil Kumar PandeyDitë më parë

    "If you want to be an expert at anything,you have to be willing to be uncomfortable" -Derek

  • YI
    YIDitë më parë

    “It is just an illusion here on Earth that one moment follows another one, like beads on a string, and that once a moment is gone, it is gone forever.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

  • GetMoGaming
    GetMoGamingDitë më parë

    Derek has got much better at explaining stuff since then!

  • Rajesh S
    Rajesh SDitë më parë

    Best ion generator is tesla coil.

  • Hiro Lee
    Hiro LeeDitë më parë

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  • Camilo Vega
    Camilo VegaDitë më parë

    A thought from this video, while not a proof per se, an imperical way to check if there is any basis to the possibility speed of light is direction dependant might be to look into the far universe. We have methods to tell if a certain star or nebula is from the early universe (close in time to the big bang) in fact we study the early universe by looking at far away stars. If the speed of light were not the same in all directions, then there would be a direction whereas the average distant star in that direction would be observed to be older than in another direction, since its light takes a longer time to get here despite being the same distance away. If, however, there is symmetry in this respect, it would create confidence that the speed of light is at least very close in all directions.

  • mahendra paradake
    mahendra paradakeDitë më parë

    It's out of my league 😹 I will come back aftr 3 years

  • Anderson Sousa
    Anderson SousaDitë më parë

    Yeah a bulb that lasts forever would put the manufacturer out of business and where would you get a replacement if you ever accidentally broke your everlasting bulb?

  • Mr. Joe Pizo
    Mr. Joe PizoDitë më parë

    slinky Lagging 😅

  • boiledelephant
    boiledelephantDitë më parë

    I'm just gonna say what most people are too proud to admit: correctly interpreting statistics is really, really hard.

  • Justin Fisher
    Justin FisherDitë më parë

    Seems like the ideal profession for a perception of a long life is an airline pilot.

  • Celphalon RED
    Celphalon REDDitë më parë

    In one of those worlds, we're all furries.

  • Yt Yt
    Yt YtDitë më parë

    18:30 interesting... People who came back from death in hospital beds usually say that they saw flashlights and their memories passing through. Imagine if their 'consciousness'(whatever that might be here) travels through space to go somewhere...? Obv a lot of cosmic rays pass through 'them' and therefore they see those flashes of light? Idk....Sounds very pseudoscientific but makes us ponder.

  • diego herrera
    diego herreraDitë më parë

    Taste the lamp, taste like salt, lamp works

  • Joe Yummiestanimal
    Joe YummiestanimalDitë më parë

    Having Google be your sponsor is like saying "this video is sponsored by water."

  • Camilo Vega
    Camilo VegaDitë më parë

    If the one way speed of light has not been measured, can we really use it to define SI units? For all we know as shown in your video based on the definition the length of a meter may be dependent on the direction since the speed of light may also have that dependency which would make it useless in equations (A meter stick might be 90cm from left to right and 1.1m from right to left if the speed of light in the respective directions differs but the 2 way would result in a total 2m measurement, how then can we use meters in scientific formulas if the direction of measurement changes it). I know its semantics and could easily be solved by redefining the meter as the distance that the two way movement of light takes 2/299792458 seconds to cross and then it would be fine but still its interesting.

  • b5z
    b5zDitë më parë

    Probably a glitch - master oogway

  • Harrison Holmes
    Harrison HolmesDitë më parë

    1) I guess water 2) guess back 3)what? 4) smoke/steam

  • Terrai
    TerraiDitë më parë

    Glow in the dark CIA scorpions

  • WhyDoes
    WhyDoesDitë më parë

    Infinite sus

  • DevGoku GT
    DevGoku GTDitë më parë

    Pls get a longer one and get in a tall buiding and record the part that doesnt move, that would be amazing

  • Chillrah
    ChillrahDitë më parë

    Is that kid waring a wizards robe?

  • Freezee
    FreezeeDitë më parë

    Maths is wrong in subtracting something from standard one, and there is no equation for that standard number one in every reality to get into number one. So, you know, mathematics su'ks!

  • Tony Duarte
    Tony DuarteDitë më parë

    From the fact that the universe might be random does not follow that we have free will...if it were to be true, it only proves that we cannot predict what we would choose. Just like we don't know where the electron is and at what velocity it travels at the same time, that however does not mean that the electron can choose where to be.

  • Majda Dreo
    Majda DreoDitë më parë

    Amazing how much wickedness there is in the comments below. How does he know that another pandemic is coming? Because he thinks logically! Every educated man knows (or should know) that periodic epidemics are as old as humanity exists. Even more. It is an ancient »war« between viruses and multicellular beings, which began with the emergence of life. Without periodic viral pandemics, a highly developed human body with a complex immune system would not even exist.

  • Song Lilly
    Song LillyDitë më parë

    Your heartbeat will synchronize with someone you love. Mine does with my husbands, even though he has a heat murmur and his will miss a beat.

  • Pi Changquan warren (Victoriasch)
    Pi Changquan warren (Victoriasch)Ditë më parë

    hmm... i have been using head and shoulders since i was 8 (13 now), yet i still have so much dandruff

  • BuyETou
    BuyETouDitë më parë

    So the question is “Is there something that AI could never beat humans in?”

  • Laytex Zombie
    Laytex ZombieDitë më parë

    Now you know the story of EVERYTHING we consume. My ex had a cousin that worked for the Ford Motor Co., for a while, as a "Quality Control Specialist". We asked him what the hell that title meant and he explained that he was the man that made sure one or more part (any part) of every model of automobile consistently failed. Capitalism/Free Market was based on consumerism, that's true but, prior to the 1950's (or at least it seemed so) their were stronger ethical practices in America. You made a quality product that lasted, and when it did fail, it could be repaired. The repeat business was in repairs. It was this beginning infancy of GLOBALISM (as told in the video), where rich companies across the world began forming cartels, much like drug lords, to defraud everyone. The American people, and the world actually, were MUCH better off when all countries were Nationalist and they simply traded goods back and forth. Unfortunately, the lives of the masses, throughout the entirety of human history, have ALWAYS been at the whims and ill winds of the 1%. Only in this country was their a chance to actually dream that you, too, could be prosperous...and achieve it.

  • Kevin Ku
    Kevin KuDitë më parë

    I use head and shoulders every day and I don't even think about my scalp because it hasn't caused any issues. I do remember when I was quite young I had dandruff issues but that went away fast with head and shoulders.

  • Rebecca Chambers
    Rebecca ChambersDitë më parë

    Are negative ions usually released in radioactive substances that are extremely hazardous to you because they're radioactive

  • Rebecca Chambers
    Rebecca ChambersDitë më parë

    Generally this is very true for most of those negative ion releasing bracelets necklaces etc they all tend to have a powder of a radioactive substance that is poisonous to humans especially when it's inhaled turns out being healthy doesn't matter if you don't understand the science behind it

  • Bob Dobalina
    Bob DobalinaDitë më parë

    You don't have to get all salty about it............

  • Tye Tyes
    Tye TyesDitë më parë

    By 11:02 This is a failure to use the human imagination to reconstruct a better soceity for everyone. In other words capitalist propaganda is what we are really dealing with here. “The workers join management to chase the scientist” Really?? No longer forming unions no? Hamburg!

  • Binyam Mulat
    Binyam MulatDitë më parë

    y is the car wearing a sit belt

  • Tony Duarte
    Tony DuarteDitë më parë

    If the universe is infinite...wouldn't that mean that 13.8 bln years ago...everything inside the 93 bln light years sphere would NOT have been in the singularity? That is...the 93 bln light sphere is what we got now after 13.8 bln years of then would mean if we run the clock back 13.8 bln years all that would compact into the singularity...but something say 50 bln light years away from the center (so outside the 93 bln light year sphere) would not have been in the had a singularity existing in already existing universe?

    HAUNEBU 2Ditë më parë

    They 80s seemed like a century! But I loved it!

  • GreakFTW
    GreakFTWDitë më parë

    So it works by harnessing the power from the ground because of its difference in speed. So, from the perspective of the cart. There is no wind, however the ground is speeding by. It is basically a water wheel connected to a windmill. So if you can overcome the drag, you can create a "sail boat" going faster than the wind as well with the same principles. Reversing the operation of the wheels and the fan, you could go straight up against the wind as well, right? Just need some tires with more friction. It all comes down to overcoming the drag.

  • M
    MDitë më parë

    Thanks! Perfect...just perfect...

  • Juletre3
    Juletre3Ditë më parë

    In Europe we have a lot of roundabouts and I wonder how well the autonomous cars manage those? Earlier iterations of autonomous cars gave a notice to the "driver" to take over control whenever they approached a roundabout.

  • Mariusz Jarzyna
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    I subscribed this channel not too long ago, that`s why i watched this particulary episode today. After what i saw on the end of the episode i would give you another sub if i could.

  • Mary Czech
    Mary CzechDitë më parë

    And if this is an infinite hotel , don't really get the idea that there are not rooms available.

    DHRUVIKDitë më parë

    What if you give abba Make a into 1 and b onto 2

  • Senpai Ditto
    Senpai DittoDitë më parë

    mk im boutta put uranium in my n64 to beat the sm64 record

  • Al-Muhallab.Aladwani
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    Apollo landing was fake

    HAUNEBU 2Ditë më parë

    Yer learning new. I’m mean brand new stuff takes time in your mind

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  • Zuhaib Siddiqui
    Zuhaib SiddiquiDitë më parë

    The question is, who is to be blamed in the even of accident, the vehicle or the person sitting in the car ?

  • Zihao Zhang
    Zihao ZhangDitë më parë

    LMAO this is literally an anti-Apple video. Me likey😄.

  • Claudio Cerezo
    Claudio CerezoDitë më parë

    ''Marginal technological improvement'' lol

  • ブブタン
    ブブタンDitë më parë

    Potassium = Potashium.

  • João Carlos
    João CarlosDitë më parë

    Can we conclude then that the assertions of the Astrologers under the influence of the constellations and planets about the energies that reach us were not without nexus? There would now be a lack of association/correlation experiments between the relative position on Earth, of the Earth in relation to the Sun/Galaxies etc.

  • Zachary
    ZacharyDitë më parë

    My parents have used the same clothes washer and drier ever since I can remember. My in-laws keep buying new ones because even after my father in law fixes the darn things, they croak every couple years.

  • Fallen🇺🇲 Wolf
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    I didn't notice the dog I seen a green car trying to run the poor pup over.